Monday, September 4, 2017

lanar lancers adventure

          lanar lancers adventure

One day there was a boy his name was lanar lancer.he's a ninja he sneaks out and he wonders at night. He lives next to the forest he was also brave and intelligent and kind full he was the only one that can save people and he takes showers in the water fall. He also has lots of food and he makes a campfires.

The problem was that he almost died because he was surrounded by 20 spiders that is like the same size as lanar lancer. then he grabbed his 2 swords and he  attacked the spiders to pieces. Then he went back to his house and took a little sleep for 2 days because he was eggsr tid.

Then lanar lancer was the one who was the bravest person that was the hero of the city because there was lots more and that was floating sharks and and the zombies and other.

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